What Clients Have to Say About My Pet Sitting Services


Alex C. 6.2.2014 Your Pet Sitter is a great service for those who want to leave town but not place their pet in a boarding kennel. Lauren (the owner) is extremely responsible and makes over-the-top efforts to assure each pet's well-being. As a veterinarian, I can attest to Lauren's good judgment in such matters and offer up my highest recommendation for her services as a pet sitter!

Michelle B. 9.5.2015 Lauren is the ultimate animal whisperer! She immediately engaged with our Greyhound and cats and was completely hands on w them. They sensed her caring compassionate behavior towards them and I was astonished at how quickly they were all disarmed by her positive loving nature. We are very attached to our animals and will always use her when we go anywhere. You can't put a price tag on the raw peace of mind I feel when they're in her care! I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Michele M. 9.6.2015 I would highly recommend Lauren to take care of your pet like it is her own. She is reliable, honest, trustworthy and adores animals. Trust me you will not be disappointed.

Chris H. 1.27.2018 I highly recommend Lauren! We moved to AZ about 9 months ago and needed someone to watch our two black lab mixes. One is skittish around new people but Lauren's love and patience won him over right away. She walks them, plays with them, feeds them, gives them their medicine or any combination of those depending on what we need for her visits. And she goes above and beyond! The dog messes are always cleaned up plus any that were already there! She also has taken our garbage out when we had forgotten it was garbage day. She sends pictures of each visit with the dogs and what they are doing. So far, even on short notice, she has been able to take care of the pups. It is definitely a comfort to know how much she cares for our "babies." Please give her a try!

R.T. 2.22.2019 Lauren from "Your Pet Sitter" is the pet sitter of all pet sitters. She has helped out with my cat, even when others said no - because they weren't notified in enough time, or hadn't met me, or several other excuses. Sometimes when you end up in the hospital, or have a funeral out of town or other reasons - you can't plan them. They just happen. I have used "Your Pet Sitter" several times now and will continue to do so. Being alone and not knowing many, it is hard, but I believe my cat... and your pet also would be more comfortable at home. Lauren has never complained, even at the last minute - and other so called caring sitters could learn a lot from Lauren and this company... or better yet, just call Lauren the first time and you won't have to make several calls or hear all kinds of excuses!

She is great with my queen, even though she is older and needs medication mixed in her food and being a cat she is particular about her food also. It's all good with Lauren. She even picked some up one time when I didn't have a chance before I had to go or maybe it was litter. The point is, she did it willingly and we settled up after. She always sends a picture of my girl; playing, eating, just looking regal or even missing me (I hope). Those are great to see, and she sends a text message also. Those are all helpful, especially when I am in the hospital and can't give her the love and care that I like to and feel bad about that. Lauren though never misses a beat. Something happens to change the schedule, with either more or less visits needed - no problem, and no arguments. She has brought in mail, asks if it needs to be certain times of the day, checks the needs to be sure nothing has changed and more! She even sent my queen a Holiday Card, which I thought was very nice.

Best I can say, is I have been very happy... and so will you. Call them when something happens and your extra loved one needs extra love!

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